Flowsteer is a leading specialist & manufacturer of corrosion resistant centrifugal chemical pumps and magnetic pumps for transferring a wide range of corrosive chemicals.
Our products also include chemical pump, magnetic pump,self priming pumps, vertical centrifugal pumps, teflon lined industrial pumps and valves. Our products are used for scrubbing, steel pickling, electroplating, paints, dyestuffs, chlor alkali, pharmaceutical industry.

Flowsteer first goal is quality and continuous improvement. The main purpose of our company is to gain and maintain the role of “Privileged Supplier” in the design and production of pumps and valves for acids and dangerous liquids, offering to customers the right product which meets their expectations. We want to offer the best service and the best pumps&valves with extremely reduced delivery time.
Continuous improvement is a very important aspect in the corporate mission, as a matter of fact Flowsteer’s development is guided by:
– attention to the requirements, recommendations and customers’ claims;
– analysis of customer satisfaction;
– constant checks of the effectiveness of the operational processes;
– continuous training of the personnel in cutting-edge technological innovations;
– The periodical analysis and maintenance of the Quality Management System according to the changes that occur in the field of activity and to the connected risks.
These are the main cardinal points which guide the company in defining its strategic objectives.

Integrity – Honesty & transparency in our conduct & transactions.
Trust – Faith in each other.
Respect – Treat all with dignity.
Excellence – Continual improvement with passion & pride.
Commitment – Responsiveness with speed & agility achieved through empowering employees.