ANSI chemical processing pump, CN type, is 100% the same as GOULDS 3196 type ANSI PROCESS PUMPS in all respects. The CN type ANSI chemical process pumps comply with ASME B 73.1 standard also. Hence all the components are the same as european ANSI process pump parts, such as Goulds 3196,Durco Mark 3.

Specifications: Size: 1″-10″ Q: max 1400 m3/h H: max. 142 m Media temp: -25°C~+300°C System pressure: 25 bars

Operating Range: Capacity :Up To 600 M3/Hr. Head:Up To 120 Mtr. Pump Sizes:DN25 mm to 200 mm. Speed:1450/2900rpm at 50 Hz Temperature:105 DEG.C

Technical data: 1. Pump size: 50x32-160 upto 250x200-400 2. Capacity: Upto 1000m3/h 3. Head:upto 150m Material: Pump Casting:CI,SS304,SS316 Impeller:Bronze,CI,SS304,SS316 Shaft:SS420,C45,SS304,SS316 Shaft Seal:Mechanical Seal

ANSI Process Pump | ANSI B73.1 | CN Series ANSI process pump, CN type complys with ASME/ANSI B73.1M standard, so all the components are the same as european ANSI process pump parts, such as Goulds 3196, Peerless 8196, Summit 2196, Griswold 811, Aurora 3500. Besides extended pump life, its’ back pull-out design, external impeller adjustment and […]

Material:Ductile Iron Shaft Seal:packing+dynamic seal Max.Operating Temp:370deg.c Max.Pressure:10 bar

Specifications (50/60Hz): Discharge capacity range: 1 to 150m3/h Head range: 25 to 55 m / 38 to 80 m Main materials: FEP, PFA, PTFE and so on Required power range: up to 55 kW Liquid temperature range: up to 120˚C Sealing method: Seal-less construction

Performance data Pump capacity: up to 1200 m³/h Total differential head: up to 100 m Operating temperature [t]: -20°C up to +110 °C Operating pressure [p]: up to 10 bar Diameter of discharge nozzle: DN 25 up to DN 250 Drive rating [P]: up to 200 kW

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